Smart Grid

Electricity plays a fundamental role in today's economy and the growing demand for decarbonised energy supply and transportation is driving the need for a more efficient and sustainable distribution network

This improved network comes in the form of a Smart Grid which can provide a more sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity supply. Smart Grids are intelligent networks that monitor the distribution of electricity and enable a two-way dialog where energy can be exchanged between utilities and their customers. This in turn facilitates a demand-supply balance and helps distribution networks deliver electricity more efficiently and sustainably.



High speed, oil free motors and drives to improve energy efficiency in 24/7 industrial processing plants.

Deferment of grid reinforcement in the medium voltage grid through the integration of innovative MV smart power converters.

Integrating energy storage to micro networks to realise optimal energy utilisation from renewable’s.

Realising rapid electric vehicle charging using electronic transformers to connect to the Medium Voltage distribution network.

Our projects are working together to create smart, low carbon cities of the future.

Enabling greater energy efficiency through the smart integration of low carbon technologies in buildings using power converters to create micro networks.

Deferment of low voltage grid reinforcement through the integration of smart grid power converters in secondary substations as and on-street infrastructure to maximise asset utilisation.

Smart e-mobility solutions through the smart integration of transport and energy distribution systems using intelligent power converters.

Enabling EV fleet and commercial vehicle charging using micro network converters to achieve smart integration of battery storage and solar photovoltaic.

Where TPS solutions are located in the smart grid

Energy systems are becoming more complex due to the integration of renewable energy resources, the increasing electricity demand and government energy targets which are urging distribution networks to undertake significant reinforcement works. This is where our cutting-edge power converters come into place – in the following infographic we will take you through the various applications where our solutions can bring value.

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Why choose TPS?


Maximise the capacity of existing distribution assets


Simple addition to the existing network


Able to manage changing consumer demands


Improved quality and surety of supply


Reduced network disruption

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