Saving money and going green, the TPS way
The majority of electricity consumed by TPS for test of its electrical products has, up to recent times, been burnt off as waste heat in load-banks. To address this, a novel power electronic converter capable of re-cycling this energy has been developed by TPS’ engineering team to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%; significantly reducing energy costs whilst improving the company’s green credentials.

Beyond these savings, the innovation has eliminated the need for an additional generating set to meet factory demand at times of peak consumption, creating a further saving through the avoidance of additional power plant hire.
Energy recycling unit
Power to the people…..
The energy recycling project was suggested by TPS employees through the Stakeholder Forum – a quarterly meeting seeking out the opinions and involvement of employees in the day to day running of the business. Illustrated below, the recycling unit uses one of our modified variable speed power electronic motor drives to feed energy back to the incoming supply.

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