TPS Shortlisted at UK Rail Industry Awards
The UK Rail Industry Awards (UK RIA) announced its shortlist recently, which includes companies, teams and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the industry.

Turbo Power Systems (TPS), a champion of Great British rail technology, has been shortlisted in the ‘Traction and Rolling Stock’ category for its static converter solution that can deliver over £1m savings to the fleet operator and, at the same time, reduce the carbon footprint.

The static converter solution replaces the old motor alternator set on each train car, which is used to service all on-board electronics, HVAC and charge the batteries. TPS’ replacement provides more on-board electrical power from the highly variable, poor-quality single phase input derived from the overhead supply, to ultimately optimise performance and enhance passenger comfort.

The TPS team is confident that they have a good chance to win, since the technology and pedigree applied to the product were among the best in the industry. Nigel Jakeman, Engineering Director of Turbo Power Systems said,

“We are delighted to be shortlisted for our static converter solution that we have successfully installed in more than 30 Mark 3 coaches across the UK. Our customers have reported that they have experienced over 4kW energy saving per car per journey and have seen 15% efficiency improvement in operation compared to a motor alternator. The energy savings and efficiency improvements, combined with the substantial cost savings and improved passenger experience, gives us a strong case and the potential to take home the award.”

This product has been successfully developed in collaboration with Chiltern Railways who supported the specification of the technical requirements and gained approval for its implementation.

The UK Rail Industry Awards will be held on 11th February 2016 at Battersea Evolution, London and tickets start at just £295. Other categories include; ‘Passenger Safety’, ‘Design Innovation’ and ‘Environmental and Sustainability’. Winners will be selected according to their contribution to the UK Rail Network, which continues to be one of the safest in Europe.

To see the full shortlist, please visit:

For more information on the static converter solution, download the datasheet here.

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