TPS welcomes students from Brazil
TPS welcomes Business Students and Professor from Methodist University of São Paulo, Brazil.

CEO Carlos Neves with students, professor and Lin from Newcastle College

The group was led by the Commercial Team of TPS, where they were given a welcome presentation and a tour around the facility.


The Commercial Team showing students our equipment.

Through the presentation they gained an understanding of TPS as a business, the importance of people culture, working teams and decision making. At the end of the presentation, the students had an opportunity to ask any relevant questions to the CEO of TPS, Carlos Neves.

CEO Carlos Neves answering questions from students.

“First of all I would like to thank you for the hospitality my students received. My students commented on how interesting the presentation was. Despite the short time we had, we definitely took full advantage of the experience”, said by Prof. Dr Douglas Murilo Siqueira.

After the success of the visit, the Professor has decided to set an assignment to his students where TPS will be the business for their case study.

Lin Gatiss the Regional Manager of Newcastle College first got in contact with the Marketing Team of TPS to propose the opportunity. The project was a collaboration between Methodist University and Newcastle College. TPS were extremely pleased that the students benefitted from the visit and are keen to further explore similar opportunities in the future.

“It was a great pleasure for TPS to participate in academic events. It was great to see Brazilian and English institutions involved and committed to developing a new generation of leaders with a broader perspective of the world and its challenges”, said by CEO Carlos Neves.

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