EV Charging

TPS is creating a smart network of rapid EV DC -DC charging hubs, innovating towards a cleaner future for transportation

TPS is innovating to meet the practical challenges that come with the Government’s ambitious target to move to electric vehicles by 2030. The resultant demand for improved and sustained vehicle charging will require additional capacity in both supply and infrastructure. Rapid EV charging, whilst essential, will result in higher power demand in urban and rural areas where existing electricity sub-stations and cabling will easily become constrained.

TPS is collaborating in joint ventures with electricity Distribution Network Operators, Charge Point Operators and Site Owners to introduce new methods of creating rapid EV charging hubs operating on a smart DC Network. Such an approach creates a connection to multiple rapid EV chargers with minimal impact to the existing AC distribution network, whilst maximising site revenue potential for the site owner.

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TPS have developed innovative Silicon Carbide based Smart Grid Tied Inverters, which connect to multiple sub-stations, creating an interconnected DC network enabling a network of EV Chargers

  • Power: Up To 400kW
  • DC Input Voltage 800 Vdc
  • Output Voltage Range: 150 to 920 V
  • Maximum Current: 0-500A
  • VPWM Switching Freq’ > 20 kHz for silent operation
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