All of our high speed permanent magnet machines are designed with power ratings up to multi MW and speeds up to 160,000 rpm. Our machines have a varied range of applications, most commonly they are designed to run industrial compressors, oil and gas compressors, HVAC compressors, laser and fuel cell cooling systems.

Our in-house specialist engineering and project management teams design and manage our systems from initial concept creation through to prototyping, condition testing and finally to delivery. We always ensure that our systems are designed with the end application in mind giving our customers the assurance of reliability.

Compact high speed permanent magnet machines designed to meet your project requirements

Our specialist design service includes:

  • Electrical system and electromagnetic design.
  • Thermal modelling.
  • Rotor dynamic analysis.
  • Stress analysis.
  • FEA simulation techniques.
  • In-house expertise in magnetic materials, high-strength alloys and high-temperature polymeric structures.
  • Bearing technologies – plain, rolling element and magnetic bearings.

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