DC Micronetworks supports the delivery of clean, reliable power

To be installed in Spring 2023, the new network maintains power supplies to critical infrastructure and isolated communities, futureproofing the network for a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Connected to the electric utility’s distribution lines, DC Micronetworks supports the delivery of clean, reliable power whilst reducing electricity losses along transmission and distribution lines.

Benefits of DC Smart Networks

  • Supply capacity expanded locally to overcome constraints on the AC distribution network.
  • Operators’ electricity costs reduced significantly through time shift of energy consumption.
  • Enables operators to become prosumers, benefitting when electricity tariffs are high.
  • Modelled ROl < 30 Months worst case.

Specific to DC Smart Networks:

  • Leverage on charging diversity to minimise grid demand as seen by DNO, for example 400KVA.
  • Grid Tied Inverter supplying 1 MW of chargers.
  • Vehicle to X (V2X) possibilities made easy.
  • Up to 50% Reduction in losses by eliminating conversion to/from AC.

Grid Tied Inverter for SOP

Enabled by SiC

  • Core building block of many Smart Grid solutions including the Soft Open Point (SOP).
  • Parallel device.
  • Part rated relative to sub station.
  • Isolated from fault currents.
  • Does not disrupt supply if faulted.
  • Cost effective for radial LV networks.
  • GTI commonly found in STATCOMs.

What does a Smart Grid Device do?

The Soft Open Point (SOP) Converter was developed for DNOs to create additional capacity from the existing distribution network, facilitating electrification of transport and heat.

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