This has determined HVAC&R businesses to focus more and more on energy-saving technologies with lower carbon footprint.

TPS have developed a series of tailored High-Speed Permanent Magnet (HSPM) motors with both standalone and integrated Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), for inclusion with Air Conditioning Compressors of different chiller capacities.

To cater to this market TPS have designed and manufactured High-Speed Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for refrigeration tonnage ranging from 60RT to 750RT with a power range of 37 kW to 465 kW.

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TPS’ range of Permanent Magnet motors and Variable Frequency Drives are designed for HVAC&R applications are built to meet UL & EN standards requirements.

  • Nominal Cooling Capacity – 60 T to 750 T.
  • Standalone PM motor & VFD with Integrated packages available.
  • Rated Speed: 10,290 rpm to 32,550 rpm.
  • Motor Rated Power: 37 kW to 550 kW.
  • Rated Torque: 11 Nm to 375 Nm.
  • Permanent-Magnet Motor technology.
  • Designed for optimum part load performance.
  • Direct coupling to HVAC&R compressor.
  • Oil-free active magnetic bearings.
  • Motor and VFD cooled using low Global Warming Potential refrigerant.

Why choose TPS?


Low Total Cost of Ownership


High speed & efficient


Robust construction


Designed for extreme environments


Compact and lightweight


Quiet in operation

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