TPS are an IRIS certified supplier of power conversion systems for passenger rail and rolling stock with over 4,500 systems currently operating globally.

Our compact and efficient systems have been designed with ease of maintenance and sustainability in mind; we have engineered our innovative power conversion systems to be lightweight and compact therefore improving efficiencies for operators.

All of our power conversion systems are designed and manufactured in house in our specialist 50,000sqft facility and undergo rigorous heat, shock and vibration testing prior to delivery ensuring maximum up-time during operation.

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Auxiliary Power Supply Unit.


Battery Raft with Integrated Charger.

At Seat Socket Power Supply.

Traction Converter.

Where TPS solutions are located for Rail Solutions

Our innovative and efficient turnkey power conversion systems are globally supplied to rolling stock manufactures, train operating companies, transit authorities and overhaul firms. Our rolling stock product portfolio includes:

  • Auxiliary Power Supply up to 200kVA
  • Power Converters; DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC & AC-DC
  • Standalone Battery Chargers upto 50kW
  • Integrated Auxiliary Battery Charger Raft
  • Traction Power Converters
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Why choose TPS?


Turnkey Solutions


Energy Efficient & Reliable


Designed for Ease of Maintenance


Modular & Scalable Design


Intelligent Monitoring & Diagnostics


IRIS Certified

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Our Rail Capabilities

We have sourced the best engineering and production staff to bring our products to life. We are here to listen to and respond to the needs of our customers and the wider rail industry, our specialist team of engineers are experts in the field of power electronics and electrical machines making us the best placed team to work on your rail projects. We manufacture everything in our 55,000sqft workshop facility and source our components locally where possible.

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