Aeration is a secondary treatment stage within a wastewater treatment plant, and it occurs after solids have been extracted.

Aeration blowers can be found in different forms and with various capabilities. They play an imperative role in this process as they produce the air flow required to metabolise organic compounds found in wastewater and to remove carbon dioxide.

Aeration Turbo Blowers are the game changer in wastewater treatment plant due to their positive contribution to total cost of ownership, Turn-down capability, Maintenance requirements and Efficiency – which they can improve by up to 20%.

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TPS are experts in the design and manufacture of permanent-magnet motors and drives to suit different types of aeration blower systems

  • Integrated solution includes Motor, Drive, Cooling & Controls.
  • Nominal Speed: Up To 18,000 rpm.
  • Power: 516 kW to 1041 kW.
  • Rated Torque: 406 Nm to 950 Nm.
  • Permanent-Magnet Motor.
  • Fully packaged High Speed Variable Frequency Drive with switchgear, filters, control and cooling system.
  • Oil-free magnetic bearing.
  • Capable of supporting high mass impellor ~ 50kg.

Why Choose TPS?


Compact True Footprint


Reduced noise due to contact-free system


Ultra-efficient direct-drive system due to elimination of gearbox


Improved turn down capacity


Improved total cost of ownership


Easy installation & low maintenance requirements

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