Velox Stand Alone

Velox Fleet Charging

Velox Smart Fleet

Vehicle to everything (V2X)

EV Charging – Using a Smart Grid Network

  • Grid upgrade avoided = lower installation costs.
  • Ultra rapid charging enabled for fleet charging solutions.
  • Better matching of grid supply and demand = lower operating costs.
  • Renewable integration into the network for lower conversion losses.

Systems Deployed

  • 120kW DCDC Rapid Charger in operation for 2 years with zero hardware faults.
  • E Lobster rail to grid demonstration (install in Spain).
  • EU-funded project ebalance- smart-grid solutions and EV charging  (install in Spain).
  • V2X Phase 1 demonstration Spring 2023.

Our in house developed Distributed Grid Inverter also enables fleet charging with our scalable Velox system currently offering up to 480kW with a centrally located Smart Fleet Distribution Centre feeding up to 8 charging dispensers. V2X capability comes as standard.

Core focus:

  • Rapid stand-alone charger to high power fleet solutions.
  • Robust design for long service life.
  • V2X capability as standard.
  • UK design and manufacture.
  • Seamless smart grid integration.
  • Roadmap for high-power, industrial systems.

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