Natural Gas Pressure Regulating Stations maintain acceptable operating pressure in hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines.

Gas Let-down Generators generate renewable energy from the flow of natural gas through pressure regulating stations. By employing an inline turboexpander, these systems generate electricity by expanding natural gas to an appropriate outlet pressure and temperature.

TPS have design and manufacture high-speed Permanent Magnetic Generators to facilitate efficient recovery of this rejected energy, reducing energy costs and improving profitability, whilst providing a reliable source of power with low carbon footprint. The TPS Permanent Magnet Generator offers elite power conversion efficiency, and its high-power density enables a lightweight, compact system design.

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TPS Generators are designed to operate reliably when directly coupled to a turbine engine

  • Submerged design cooled by process gas. Fits inside customer’s pipework.
  • Nominal Speed: 15,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm.
  • Power: 520 kW.
  • Rated Torque: 331 Nm.
  • Permanent-Magnet Motor.
  • Oil-free magnetic bearing.
  • Double end drive.

Why choose tps?


Designed for harsh environments


Fuel efficient to reduce carbon footprint


Low operating costs


Compact and lightweight


Reduced mechanical complexity


High energy conversion efficiency

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