Achieving light speed, easily: solving the infrastructure issue with Smart Fleet

Many businesses looking to put in place ultra-fast vehicle charging systems are finding it far from simple. The charge points and connectors at the end is the easy bit: getting the required amount of power there is often proving fiendishly complex. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our Smart Fleet charging system solves all the problems associated with ultra-fast charging installation projects, and you can find out how at the upcoming London EV Show on 28-29-30 November

So, what are the problems? Groundworks that require digging up swathes of the local area. Upgrades to sub stations and cabling. Long-winded planning applications. Multiple authorities and organisations to deal with. They all add time, and time means money. And all the while, not only is it costing a fortune, you still don’t have the solution you need.

How Smart Fleet differs from almost all other systems on the market is that it delivers multi-bay ultra-rapid charging speeds through a smart network energy system within your own network managing grid, solar, battery and EV, on an efficient DC microgrid.

That means there is no need for costly and complex infrastructure and installation work that has proved so problematic for many.

In that sense, our system is light touch, high speed, using state of the art energy management systems that take, in the most efficient manner possible, power from the grid or onsite generation, and then hold it, store it, and move it, so that vehicles can be charged at ultra-rapid speeds whenever they need.

All of this means that for a typical installation, the operator can expect an average improvement in terms of return on investment of 20%, relative to a ‘direct to grid’ conventional charging solution. If operating somewhere like London with complex, multi-layered, high land cost urban environments, then it could be a staggering 55%.

We’d love to explain more about how we do it, and why it could solve your infrastructure and implementation issues, providing you with ‘The Power of Tomorrow. Today’. Come and see us on stand B21




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