Harnessing sustainable energy for ultra-fast charging

The holy grail of vehicle electrification will be found when you can not only charge at very high speeds, but the energy used is sustainable.

Not only then will you have zero tailpipe emissions, but massively reduced emissions for power generation: a wind turbine generally creates about 12 grams of CO2 per kWh, compared to 400-600 grams per kWh for gas-powered power stations in the UK.

The problem is that you need a consistent supply of this clean energy for ultra-rapid charging and, in simplistic terms, you might not need to plug in when the wind blows or the sun shines. So how can you solve this? Come to our stand (B21) at the London EV Show (28-29-30 Nov), because at TPS, we can provide ‘The Power of Tomorrow. Today’.

That’s because our chargers can be connected to any number of sustainable energy production systems, such as wind turbines or solar panels, and the energy can be stored in batteries on our micro grid network.  This solves the issue of curtailment, when electricity created by turbines is wasted because it can’t be used.  On estimate suggests that annually the UK curtails enough energy from wind to power one million homes for a year.

Micro grids solve the sustainability conundrum. Indeed, Forbes Technology Council recently stated that micro grids are the solution for cheaper and more sustainable EV charging, claiming their modelling showed a 23.4% saving in annual energy costs and 35.9% saving in annual CO2 emissions.

Ultra-rapid chargers draw huge power from the grid, and can make equally huge demands from the energy production network, which in turn could have the effect of increasing emissions as less clean sources are required to fulfil the need.

With Smart Fleet, you can create renewable energy at optimum times such as when it’s sunny or windy, but crucially not then lose it. Instead it is stored in the network, available to charge vehicles at very high speed, and so spreads the load more evenly ensuring the grid is not overwhelmed with demand.

Find out how to access cheap, clean sustainable electricity, and how to use it when you need – visit us at stand B21.


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