Helping to Power Veolia’s 4 billion Euro Decarbonisation pledge.

As Veolia announces their bold 4 billion Euro local decarbonisation pledge, we’re excited to to see our pioneering  bi-directional DC rapid charging technology playing its part, delivering V2G capability within Veolia’s extensive fleet of electric refuse trucks.

With their batteries six times larger than those in an average electric car and the fleet usually parked at peak energy consumption times for the National Grid, they could provide the ideal energy source by using V2G technology.
The plans come as a key part of Veolia’s recently launched 4 billion euro pledge to decarbonise its local energy use.

“We need to innovate in local decarbonizing energy and transform our traditional approaches to take advantage of untapped sources. This requires a change of mindset and a collective willingness to rethink the way we produce, distribute and consume energy. The success of the V2G demonstration illustrates this perfectly. By enabling electric vehicles to become active players in the power grid, we are harnessing their potential to balance energy supply and demand, reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy”. Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia.

Veolia estimates that the electrification of its fleet will enable the company to provide to the grid with around 200 megawatts (MW) of flexible power capacity daily, the equivalent of the evening peak energy demand of more than 150,000 homes.
With electricity demand in the UK expected to double by 2050, battery technology will play an increasingly important role in decarbonising electricity generation in line with Government targets to decarbonise the National Grid by 2035.

More and more of the world’s most important businesses are seeking to electrify their fleets and recognising that to do this they need a partner that’s much more than just a charger manufacturer. They need one that understands the entire power ecosystem to provide them with the charging solution today, which will evolve, adapt, and grow as we move into the ever-changing world of tomorrow.
At TPS, we’re offering the power of tomorrow. Today.

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