Northern Powergrid Smart Grid


In partnership with Northern Powergrid we’ve developed a pioneering technology innovation that will maintain power supplies to critical infrastructure and isolated communities, futureproofing the network for a rapidly changing energy landscape. Microresilience uses energy storage systems and innovative communications technology to increase the resilience of local power networks through the implementation of battery storage solutions.

In response for increased resilience in areas that are more susceptible to power cuts due to their geographic nature and commitment to improving its service for people in rural communities, we’ve developed a new power electronics system to help secure the electricity supply to isolated and challenging areas. Meeting the requirements of the low voltage network, our solution is based on our award winning Dual-Terminal PED. Microresilience will enable the test and build of a more robust, storm-resistant, community-centric network, with customers, communities and locations directly benefiting from lower risks of a sustained power cut.

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