Our Journey to 120kW Bi-Directional DC Ultra Rapid EV Charging. And Beyond. Part 3.


Last time we saw our high power bi-directional microgrid become a live reality, charging (and discharging) electric HGVs at a transfer rate of 120kW. But we knew we could go a lot further. This time we talk Megawatts, mega mile reliability and mega UK opportunity.

V2X is Everything. But there’s a lot more of everything still to come

While running a 120kW 920v CCS charger linked to a DC microgrid is an exciting breakthrough, we saw a bigger picture application for it. With manufacturers like Renault, Traton and Dennis Eagle leading the charge to electric only trucks, and others set to follow in rapid succession, we can see a very large power deficit problem looming where existing Grid infrastructure will struggle to produce the large amounts of power all these HGVs will need to stay on the road. If this power deficit isn’t solved, these EV fleets will struggle to stay operationally viable.
This is where integrating our highly advanced Velox chargers with DC DC capability and exponential operating efficiency into our DC microgrid can provide a complete solution to this problem by harvesting and curating the high levels of power fleet operators need to charge HGVs within a rapid time frame which fits within their operational model.

Smart Hub to Smart Fleet

Right now we’re demonstrating a 1250V charging system using our uprated 150 kW bi-directional charger building blocks, to meet the demanding requirements of the forthcoming MCS (Megawatt Charging System) standard. Capable of slashing charging times for electric HGVs currently, our system will enable HGVs to maintain a level of operational efficiency which will make them a viable alternative to their ICE equivalents.
Our innovation lies in the ability of our charging hardware to move available capacity around dynamically, charger to charger, so that vehicles requiring prioritisation can be charged faster than others connected to the same system.
Also, making the bulk of this capacity available to a smaller number of mega fast chargers equipped with Mega Watt charging dispensers as well, enables the holy grail of HGV charging to be achieved; charging trucks with trailers on exit from the depot in the same way as if they were refuelling at a regular fuel pump. We call our complete solution Smart Fleet.

Mature Technology in an Immature Market

The 150 kW charging module within our DC microgrid is as robust as it is advanced. Its core has been developed over our 40-plus years creating power systems for use in rail and aerospace, where 100,000 hour operating lives within extremely harsh environments are an industry standard requirement.
Mature robust technology is a rare thing in a relatively immature market. It’s getting noticed too. We’ve got enquiries for Smart Fleet coming in from all over the world. Which for a high-tech product created and manufactured in the UK is great for the economy, for jobs, and the UK’s reputation as the world’s creator of innovation.

We hope you’ve found this latest instalment of our story interesting. If you have, please like and share it with your networks. And tell us what you think too. Join us next time when we think further into the future and how exponentially high capacity and high velocity charging will enable the electrification of very large vehicles such as ships and airliners.

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