Revealed: a LEGO legend in the making as we congratulate our winner!


As this week marks 66 years since the patent for the LEGO brick design was filed, it’s fitting that we announce the winner of our hotly-contested LEGO competition.  

To recap we challenged friends, partners and collaborators to build a LEGO model of our Velox Ultra Rapid Bi-Directional charger and send us a photo.

And the winner…by miles…we’re thrilled to share….is….Mark Potter of our partner 3ti’s SON!

Master Potter aced it with this brilliantly inventive and ingeniously produced video which both shows off his charger AND demos how it works!  Enjoy his video. You can show your appreciation of his storming effort by sharing it with others to enjoy too.

And there’s an extra prize up for grabs.  Can you spot the subtle detail he captures?  CLUE: look at the top of the charger as the video runs.  If you spot it Contact Us | Find Out How We Can Help | Turbo Power Systems and we’ll let you know whether you’ve won.

And don’t forget to catch the next installment of our Journey to 120 kW ultra rapid charging capability.  We’ll be talking about our bi- directional breakthrough and early V2X experiences.  Meantime, if you would like to talk to us about how our unique EV charging technology can give you all the power you need while delivering real ROI back to you, please get in touch: Contact Us | Find Out How We Can Help | Turbo Power Systems

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