Smart Fleet at the London EV Show: Designed and built in Britain

One of the major advantages of the Smart Fleet charging system, on show at the London EV Show next week (28-29-30 Nov) is that it is designed and built in Britain by us, in our factory on the banks of the River Tyne.

Why should that matter? Well, it means that when you invest in the Smart Fleet charging ecosystem, you know there is immediate back-up to hand, industrial design and manufacture expertise on your doorstep, and longevity from a company that has been working on power conversion solutions in the UK and globally for over 40 years.

With the vehicle charging sector moving and changing so quickly, you need partners who can move and change quickly too, who can build systems and solutions that suit your needs, rather than importing parts and chargers from around the world, and just branding them as their own with little or no ability to effect any development of the product.

When you require upgrades such as integrating solar cells or wind power, with TPS you can be confident the expertise and supply is close at hand, allowing you to develop a charging network specific to your needs.

Then there’s the continuing advances of electric charging technology to bear in mind: the Smart Fleet system is already ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle to grid (V2G) and vehicle to everything (V2X), and as vehicles begin to provide these, you can upgrade your system to take advantage of the ability to move power around your EVs and facilities.

Plugging in a vehicle to a charger is just the start of the electrification journey. It’s likely to take many exciting twists and turns over the next few decades. By using a British company designing, engineering and manufacturing here, you can invest with confidence, knowing you are working with a partner who understands local demands, the specific issues the UK faces and will always be there to help you adapt, and thrive.

So come and find out about our operation on stand B21 at the EV Show, and see how we can supply you with ‘The Power of Tomorrow. Today’.

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