TPS Sign Partnership Agreement with Statcon Energiaa

TPS Sign Partnership Agreement with Statcon EnergiaaTPS Sign Partnership Agreement with Statcon EnergiaaTPS logo

North East of England based Turbo Power Systems Ltd (TPS) have signed a partnership agreement with Indian Power Electronics manufacturing company, Statcon Energiaa (SE). The partnership will see the 2 companies combine their respective expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of power electronics products for the energy, rail and defence markets.

TPS specialise in the design and manufacture of customized power electronics and electrical machines and over the past 45 years they have established a proven track record of high performance and reliability. TPS offer a tailored and diversified product range that includes ruggedized power conversion equipment for transportation platforms, high speed motors with magnetic bearings for HVAC and air compression and grid tied and islanded inverters for electricity generation and distribution. TPS has delivered over 25,000 systems worldwide, totalling a gross electrical capacity of over 3.2GW across multiple markets including transportation, energy and industrial.

Similarly, SE has been an industry pioneer in the Power Electronics sector for almost three decades with over 25,000 completed projects and 130+ MW Solar Inverter Installations across the globe. Originally incorporated to service the battery charger segment of power generation stations, SE have since expanded into the energy and rail markets, providing high powered inverters. In 2011 SE moved into the solar energy supplying off grid inverters, this product range has now been expanded to offer hybrid, string, and central inverters and Lithium based energy storage systems.

Joining forces to under the partnership agreement is mutually beneficial for the 2 companies, they are both able to expand their market reach and share whilst working in collaboration to create innovative power electronics solutions to service the many sectors they operate in. Each will bring their respective expertise to the agreement and will create a fruitful working relationship servicing both the UK and India markets.

For more information about how to start a discussion about your next power electronics project please use the following contact details:

UK Enquiries:

Harsha Raghavan
Chief Commercial Officer, TPS

India Enquiries:

Pranjal Pande
Director, Statcon Energiaa

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